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IBM® AppScan® Source Scanner Plugins for Jenkins

Posted by Kevin Fealey

If you use Jenkins for continuous integration and IBM® AppScan® Source  for vulnerability scanning, you’ve probably been using scripts to connect the two, scanning for vulnerabilities as code is committed. Yet scripts are difficult to maintain, must be updated for different apps and are unwieldy.  They’re also error prone and unforgiving, taking a lot of time to fix. So we’ve created a tool to make it easier for you to automate AppScan Source scanning from Jenkins.

The plugin allows Jenkins to perform static code analysis (SCA/SAST) with IBM® AppScan® Source for Analysis with minimal configuration, greatly simplifying the process of automating AppScan Source by providing global settings and simple scan configuration within Jenkins.

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Publish to AppScan Enterprise: Coming soon 

Keep an eye on this space; our next update will allow you to publish the results to IBM AppScan Enterprise.  

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