Secure Architecture Review

Getting business leaders, security leads, and software development teams on the same page is priceless.

Building Consensus

Facilitating the design and validation of your application security architecture starts by bringing teams together. When you've established security priorities and choices, implementation and follow through become easier. That's why we work with your team to identify and assess business risks and controls.

Our consultants have applicable experience in a variety of industries, including high finance, defense, banking, and health-care. Aspect consultants bring functional knowledge regarding what has worked, what hasn't, and how your enterprise can avoid common pitfalls others have made.

Modeling Your Threat Landscape

Security Control Analysis
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To ensure an application is secure, you have to understand the threat model. Our threat modeling approach provides unparalleled insight into security risks that could harm your enterprise. Our experienced consultants develop your unique threat landscape in consultation with your team, and then work with your team to identify planned or existing security controls into the software architecture. We can assess the architecture of a system in the design stage, or one that has already been built, to make sure all the proper security controls exist in the right places.

Because we deliver simple, clear documentation of the application security architecture, all project participants understand how security is supposed to work. Based on the security architecture, we can produce a tailored set of application security requirements and coding guidelines for your project. This allows effecting the most change with the smallest footprint into your enterprise, making both practical and financial sense.

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