Mobile Application Security – There’s No App For That

Posted by David Lindner

Presented by: Dave Lindner, Global Practice Manager – Application Security Services & OWASP Mobile Top Ten Mobile Project Contributor

The number of mobile applications available in the Google Play and Apple App Stores is nearing 1.5 million and vulnerabilities are skyrocketing. On average, Aspect finds {11.6} vulnerabilities in every mobile application we verify. Dave will share his experiences leading Aspect’s Mobile Application Security practice, including the tools and advanced techniques we use. Mobile application security isn’t only about writing secure apps. Organizations also have to protect themselves against employees who download malicious and vulnerable applications and use them on their mobile devices at the same time they access corporate systems. Dave will talk about BYOD, BYON, and MDM issues as they pertain to protecting your data and applications from the bad guy. Join David as he explains mobile application security and why your existing web application security practice needs to adapt and change as this new threat grows in importance. Dave has first-hand expertise in helping clients in the financial and retail sectors with their mobile application security programs.

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