Regulatory and Compliance Alignment

Achieving regulatory compliance doesn't mean you've finished—it means you've begun.

Security Compliance Standards

Different standards require different things. PCI-DSS standards focus on security related to data and payment information. On the other hand, the NIST framework includes all of the minimum standards required of US Federal agencies. HIPAA-compliant sites protect privacy and enforce security and breach notification rules as required by the 1996 act of the same name. So whether you are focusing on achieving PCI-DSS compliance, updating according to the NIST Framework, or certifying your records as compliant with HIPAA, we can help your developers with that by organizing your efforts into digestible, step-by-step actions according to our exclusive application security knowledge domain mapping tool.


Application Security Knowledge Domains

To make achieving compliance a more manageable process, we've broken down the list into different knowledge domains. Comprised of eight application security knowledge domains (ASKDs), each ASKD can be mapped to compliance or risk-management specific security controls from within a specific domain.

  • Authentication & Identity
  • Authorization & Access Control
  • Configuration Security
  • Login and Audit
  • Sensitive Data Protection
  • Session Management
  • Validation and Encoding
  • Extensible Design

More About Software Security Knowledge Domains

From lists with design specification and evaluation worksheets, to pentesting and code review reference sheets, we've got you covered. For each knowledge domain, we can help you sort through your internal practices and align them with industry standard checklists to make sure you are doing what you can to make your applications safer and more secure.

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