Manual Penetration Testing

Attacking like an attacker helps protect your enterprise from attackers.

Manual Penetration Testing

Security penetration testing is a key technique for verifying the security of applications. Combining manual testing with manual code review makes our hybrid application verification approach more comprehensive and more accurate than any other method.

Aspect performs manual penetration testing on complex enterprise applications for both large and small enterprises. Our specialty is applications with complex architectures and security features. Over many years, we have tuned our process to be efficient and effective.

Manual penetration testing is uniquely effective at demonstrating the exploitability of a vulnerability. Manual penetration testing is also frequently the only way that environmental security controls, such as web application firewalls, URL-based access control mechanisms, and centralized authentication gateways can be tested. If code is not available, then creative penetration testing is the only way to generate assurance.

The Aspect Security Edge

We verify critical applications across a wide range of platforms and frameworks, and have fine-tuned our process to be efficient and effective. We've had experience verifying the security for complex enterprise applications in industries ranging from high finance, banking, and insurance to retail, defense, and aerospace. We have deep experience with virtually all modern software environments & frameworks and cutting-edge attack techniques.

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