AppSec USA 2017

Planning to attend AppSec USA this year? 

AppSec USA
September 19th - 22nd 2017
Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
Orlando, Florida

Aspect Security is excited to sponsor AppSec USA again this year. Stop by our booth to learn more about our services or speak with our engineers about careers at Aspect.  And while you are there, catch one of these sessions by Aspect engineers.

Visit us at BSidesCharm!

Aspect Security is excited to sponsor BSidesCharm, this weekend, April 29-30, 2017 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Stop by our booth to learn more about how to sprint to security with our continuous integration pipeline demonstration! Learn how you can fully integrate security into your CI pipeline without creating bottlenecks. 

Join us at the Annual FS-ISAC Summit

Aspect Security is excited to sponsor the Annual FS-ISAC Summit in Lake Buena Vista, Florida from April 30 until May 3.  

This year's event, "Strength in Sharing" will feature interactive sessions focusing on strategic and solution-oriented discussion. Attendees will receive actionable information designed specifically for financial services institutions.

Visit us in Booth 68. We hope to see you there.  

Sign up for our AppSec Safari at OWASP's AppSec USA

Going to AppSec USA 2016? Register now for our one-day training: 

AppSec Safari
AppSec USA 2016
Wednesday, October 12
Washington, DC

Tired of reading about vulnerabilities or seeing screen captures of other people landing the big one? Join our AppSec Safari and go toe-to-toe with an application. Track a bug through multiple fields and feel the triumph of exploiting the flaw yourself.

Join Aspect Security's Mark Hoopes and Jason Li on a guided tour of cross-site scripting, SQL injection, privilege escalation and more. We’ll present a refresher on each vulnerability type, provide example exploits and turn you loose on a real application hosted in a local test environment.

GrrCon 2016 Session: What’s in your Top Ten? Intelligent Application Security Prioritization

Going to GrrCon 2016? Make sure you check out Tony Miller's session:  

What’s in your Top Ten? Intelligent Application Security Prioritization.
Friday, October 7, 2016 at 2:00pm
Grand Rapids, MI

Here’s something no one wants to admit: just because an application has been assessed doesn’t mean it’s secure. And what exactly, does “secure” mean, anyway? One company’s “secure” is another company’s disaster. If you don’t understand your business’s risk posture and threat landscape, then you’re probably not assessing the right stuff.

Secure Code? What are your Libraries Hiding and How do you Know?

Going to CodeMash 2016? Make sure you check out Kevin Cody's session:

Secure Code? What are your libraries hiding, and how do you know?
Thursday, January 7, 4:45pm 
Orange Room at CodeMash 2016
Kevin Cody, Aspect Security

Libraries and Frameworks greatly assist developers to bolster functionality and meet deadlines. However, are these components introducing risk and vulnerabilities? How can over-tasked and deadline driven developer stay up-to-date on the state of these dependencies?

Static Analysis Security Testing for Dummies… and You @ LASCON 2015

Going to LASCON 2015? Make sure you check out Kevin Fealey's session:

 Static Analysis Security Testing for Dummies… and You
Friday, October 23, 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Cypress Room at LASCON 2015
Kevin Fealey, Principal Consultant, Automation & Integration Services, Aspect Security

Free Webinar: Automate your Security Program for Speed & Scale

Development teams are evolving toward continuous release and deployment, yet the security industry continues to use the same paradigms developed 15 years ago. If you want to produce more secure code at DevOps speed, you need to automate.

Join our free webinar on October 27 to understand how you can free your security professionals from repetitive security tasks and gain better visability into the security of your application portfolio. 

AppSec USA 2015

We're really excited about this year's AppSec USA conference! The variety of sessions and panels, the networking opportunities and the wonderful location are just a few reasons we here at Aspect are eager to attend.

A special offer for AppSec USA Attendees

Look for this image in the exhibit hall (Booth 28) and stop by to take advantage of our exclusive offer to AppSec USA attendees — free access to our eLearning course series, Protecting Sensitive Data.

Techno Security & Forensics Investigations Conference

Mobile Forensics World
Myrtle Beach, SC
Tuesday, June 2, 2015
1:30PM - 2:20PM

Kevin Fealey – Automating Your Tools: How to Free Up Your Security Professionals for Actual Security Tasks