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You don’t need another 150 page PDF to ignore. You need faster and more efficient application security. 

Our Continuous Application Security Program is a tailored solution that gives you visibility into your risk and integrates disparate application security activities at scale.

Aspect's Continuous Application Security Program services enable organizations to:

  • Assess risk across large application portfolios
  • Integrate disparate assurance activities
  • Assign limited resources where they are needed most.
  • Inform governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes.



Business and Application Risk Profiling
Aspect's Application Security Risk Level (ASRL) drives requirements for risk-based security assurance plans while reflecting your business and compliance priorities.


Secure SDLC Assurance Plan
Generate risk-based security assurance plans that define the rigor, frequency and depth of key application security activities. 


Secure Application Design
Our proprietary Application Security Knowledge Domains (ASKD) provide a framework for understanding software security controls. 


Risk Analysis and Visualization
Get a comprehensive view of risk across the organization using assurance activity data. Integrate application security information with vulnerability management, remediation processes and GRC.

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