Business Risk Modeling

Computers do what someone tells them to do, even if the one doing the telling doesn't work for you.

The Business Risk Security Model (BRSM)

The BRSM captures the business architecture, critical business systems, and sensitive data to provide a structured way to represent and prioritize key business concerns and overall threat landscape for the business area, organization, or logical group of systems/applications. This process will provide an improved understanding of the risks to the business, apply missing business context to technical architecture, and provide data to make better informed business decisions on where to focus limited resources to best manage the risk to the business.

The Application Security Risk Level (ASRL)

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Designed to provide the background for determining risk level, system owners answer concise questionnaires for applications they are responsible for, in three main areas: business, process, and technology. Driving which security activities are required, what security activity rigor is necessary, and who will perform security activities. All of these activities increase comprehension of your enterprise and the overall security of your applications.

The Risk Management Approach

What happens when you combine your inventory risk profile, design & coding guidelines, design review, security testing, security knowledge into Aspect Security's Application Risk Management System? You get an optimized risk dashboard, prioritized assessment management, in-depth root cause analysis, applicable security trends, and a personalized risk register. We've done it for others, and we'll do it for you. We'll help you get your application security program where you want it to be.

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