Business Risk Management

Establishing and accelerating the maturity of your governance program increases security, and your bottom line.

Business Risk Modeling

Initiating a business risk security model is tricky. You have to capture the business architecture, critical business systems, and sensitive data to provide a structured way to represent and prioritize key business concerns and overall threat landscape for the business area, organization, or logical grouping of systems and applications. And if your staff is new to the process, weeks can turn into months. Having Aspect Security leadership guide you through the process saves time and money.

Application Portfolio Risk Profiling

Not all risks are equal. As a result, enterprises focus their security team efforts on the risks that can do the most damage first. At Aspect Security, we've developed an in-house Application Inventory Risk Profiler to assess risk attributes, then prioritized them by inherent risk. We accomplish the risk profiling in consultation with your developers, security staff, and business managers. By combining the risk profiling with a threat matrix, we further define the security activities and level of rigor that each respective risk level should receive.

Regulatory & Compliance Alignment

Security programs are hard enough to establish and optimize; adding compliance mandates increases the intricacy of those programs. When looked at as a stand-alone solution, compliance offers the bare minimum of protection. When you bring Aspect Security consultants on board, they assess the situation from a security-first standpoint, and help you add layers of logical security to increase your security posture.

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