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Secure DevOps with an Application Security Pipeline

Posted by James Hobbs

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Does your application release cadence leave time for security? For many organizations, the answer is simply – “NO”. 

Organizations face challenges when using the traditional “bolt-on” approach to application security. Security teams are unable to keep pace with the demand of application delivery and deployment so that application security becomes a roadblock – expensive and requiring too many resources. Development teams resist security requirements, knowing that it will slow them down.

How can organizations bypass these issues? By using an Application Security Pipeline to achieve their security goals.


An AppSec Pipeline is an automated set of continuous, repeatable and sometimes concurrent application security activities that are part of a larger Continuous Delivery pipeline.   SecureDevOps.transparent.png

Successfully using an AppSec Pipeline to integrate application security activities within the SDLC allows an organization to achieve Continuous Security. This allows organizations to achieve clear security and business benefits including increased efficiency and lower costs. 

Continuous Security should be viewed as a direct complement to the implementation of Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) systems. Ultimately this investment in DevOps methodology for application development ensures organizations release applications that are secure.

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