Automation Strategy

Scale your application security program with the right strategy. 

Time, staffing and budget constraints make it difficult to perform manual code reviews and penetration tests for every application. Consequently, most organizations focus on only the most critical applications. 

Aspect can help you ensure the security of all your applications, not just the critical ones.


Secure hundreds of applications with minimal staffing requirements by determining which components of your organization’s application security program can be automated.

SAVE MONEY, Increase Efficiency

Remediating application vulnerabilities after deployment can cost 30x more than fixing the same vulnerabilities earlier in the software development lifecycle (SDLC).  We'll save you money without slowing down your pipeline. 

No Cookie-Cutter strategies

Our strategies are customized to fit your business. You can trust Aspect to deliver you a solution that grows with your organization. 

Take advantage of our experience building automation strategies that improve efficiency, visibility and scalability.  Contact us today.

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