Automation Health Check

Security testing tools aren't designed to work out of the box. 

Do you have the in-house expertise necessary to fully optimize your application testing tools? Is your team frustrated by tool performance or overwhelmed by false positives? 

Aspect can give your team the experience they need to find application vulnerabilities more efficiently and effectively using automation tools.   

hands-on mentoring

100% hands-on, we mentor your team on tool best practices in your own environment. We will onboard an application, set up the configuration and perform a complete scan. 

Practical deliverables

Aspect will create optimal workflows and provide a recommended scan configuration for the onboarded application. 

Real-world recommendations

You'll get a high-level report outlining actionable recommendations for your automated tool program, considering people, processes and technology.

We understand the strengths and weaknesses of commercial and open source SAST, DAST and IAST tools and we will work with you to optimize your tool of choice. Contact us today.

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