Application Security Assessments

Assess your applications, assess your risk. 

And because you're the one responsible for the security of your applications, every vulnerability counts. If you're searching around at forward-looking recommendations to propel your application security to infinity and, well, beyond, Aspect Security can help.

Our team is highly collaborative and dedicated to integrating into your development process without hiccups. We know how to work with development teams—because we are developers. Want us to coordinate with a vendor or end client? No problem. As your AppSec partner, we can even provide feedback and guidance on the effectiveness of your security program. Several of our clients delegate large portions of their application portfolio for us to manage and coordinate. 

The goal is to use our refined process and methodologies to provide specific findings that are relevant and important to the business. We attempt to identify the root cause of an issue—providing tactical and strategic guidance. Since humans beings perform our assessments, we are both highly accurate and context relevant to the business. We wont inflate a finding or generate lots of noise that is difficult to quantify. We want to provide exactly the right information to know what to do, if anything should be done at all.

Threat Modeling

If you're wondering, "What assets do I have?" or "Who are potential attackers?" then threat modeling is a great place to start. Our verification efforts begin with an effort to understand the threat agents, architectural components, trust boundaries, critical business assets, and connections of an application and its environment. Doing so let's us assess architecture risks and business risks together so you can see how they impact one another.

Security Architecture Review

When you find yourself wondering at night if your design and architecture sufficiently defends against cyber threats, give us a call. A security architecture review will help put your mind at ease. Experienced consultants will work with your team to assess your unique threat landscape and the effectiveness of your planned or implemented security controls, providing you with tailored guidance to improve your security posture.

Security Code Review

You've got hundreds, thousands, or millions of lines of code in your web applications. How confident are you that security controls have been implemented correctly? Have your developers been trained on the latest best practices of developing secure code? Has anyone reviewed the code before going into production? What about legacy code? Having former developers as security experts gives us a leg-up on your situation. Our consultants know what they are doing, and know what to look for. They have an attacker mentality and a defender mindset.

Penetration Testing

Our resident white hatters are some of the brightest around. Our penetration testing service will give you confidence whether the controls you've put into place actually work the way they are supposed to. Penetration testing will identify exploitable vulnerabilities and test your environmental security controls, like web application firewalls.

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