Application Portfolio Risk Profiling

Your data is only as good as what you do with it.

Creating a Continuous Model

Using your existing risk management system information, we create a mechanism to track assurance activity across your application inventory. By providing a consistent and efficient risk leveling of your application inventory, you can know your current threatscape; combining meaningful metrics into dashboards creates reliable information for you to make business decisions on.

Tracking Meaningful Metrics

Tracking meaningful metrics allows us to realize what the inherent risk of your portfolio is. And when you know what your *actual* level of risk is, you can decide on the level of assurance rigor you need. Compliance mandates for application security are a nice place to start. Has your staff been trained on secure development? Are there secure control adherence policies in place? What are your cybersecurity standards, and how often are they updated? Were they updated after HeartBleed? Knowing and tracking these items let's you see at a glance where you can make a measurable impact on your enterprise.

Instituting Informed Dashboards

Data can overwhelm. And when you're talking about hundreds of applications and millions of lines of code, the data you obtain overwhelm and under inform at the same time. By tracking meaningful metrics, and putting that information front and center with intuitive dashboards, you can make sound business decisions based on actionable intelligence. Wondering what qualifies as actionable intelligence or an intuitive dashboard? Talk to someone on our risk management services team. They'll get you started, then get you on your way.

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