Contrast security & IAST


In 2012, Aspect’s engineers invented an entirely new way to perform application security analysis that didn't rely on SAST or DAST.  The new technology was spun off as a separate company, Contrast Security.  

Using IAST and RASP technology, Contrast enables your applications to automatically detect and fix vulnerabilities, identify attacks, and defend themselves.

Empower developers to build secure applications   

Get real time vulnerability analysis with unprecedented accuracy for every developer and tester. Integrate security findings into your development lifecycle (SDLC) to automate security and enable innovation.

Identify vulnerabilities at the source 

Contrast Assess (IAST) deploys an intelligent agent that instruments the application with smart sensors to analyze code in real time from within the application. It allows Contrast engines to cover more code, produce more accurate results, and verify a broader range of security rules than either SAST or DAST tools.

See attacks in real time

Contrast Protect (RASP) automatically weaves defense into applications. Using deep security instrumentation to gain insight into exactly how attacks behave, it provides accurate attack visibility and blocking without interrupting your business.

As a Contrast Security Business partner, Aspect can help you license, plan and implement Contrast. We can also train your team to use Contrast effectively in your environment. Contact us today to learn more.