Application Security Learning Services

Are your software developers thinking about security?

Applications built in-house are not immune to security threats. Protect your organization’s assets, data and customers:  train your developers to recognize and avoid common application vulnerabilities.

Our Training delivery methods


Instructor-led Training
There's no substitute for hands-on training with field-tested instructors.


Meet compliance requirements with flexible, comprehensive and engaging online learning.


Tech Talks
Train your team anywhere with live, instructor-led webinars on the latest security trends and topics.


do your developers write secure code?

What do your developers know about application security? Are they aware of the most common application security risks?

Find out with Secure Coder Analytics, a 20-minute assessment that tests a developer’s knowledge of application security principles via a set of randomized multiple-choice questions. Each developer will see their individual grade, and managers can see the aggregate scores that reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the team as a whole.

Once you know your team's needs, work with Aspect to tailor an application secure learning program to meet your specific goals.